Our Mission

GoaComputers.in and its operations are guided and motivated by the following mission:

To Provide Goans with a One-stop Shop
For All Computer and Technological Needs,
At the Best Price in the Goan Market,
With Special Focus on Customer Satisfaction,
And Top Quality After-sales Service.

Now you do not have to worry about which Computer Dealer in Goa you need to contact for every different technological need. We provide a One-stop Shop for All Computer Needs, be it the supply of new products or the repair and servicing of your existing computers and accessories. Just contact us over phone or drop in to our office Near Chowgule College, Gogol, Margao (Goa) and we will handle the rest.

What’s more, you do not have to worry about comparing the price of any computers or accessories between various computer dealers anymore. We strive to offer the Best Prices in the Goan retail market, in addition to Bonus Points, which makes us THE Computer Store for all your requirements.

We also bring with us a strong culture of Customer Orientation, which puts YOU, the customer, first. When you shop with us, you receive World Class Service that oozes out from the values ingrained deep within us from having done business in Japan for close to a decade.

While for many other businesses the closure of a sale marks the end of the transaction, for us it marks the beginning of a new relationship. With you as our customer, we strive to pamper you with Top Quality After-sales Service. We not only provide you one whole month of Free Advisory Services associated with your purchases, but also offer you Value Added Services that ensure you get the best out of your purchases.

Our Mission, Your Satisfaction!